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Free and open source tools tailored for the Machine Learning workflow

Papers With Code
Problem: It's hard to track ML research
Solution: ML to sync papers and repos

Discover Machine Learning
Mantra - A Deep Learning Kit

Problem: ML projects need devops
Solution: Integrated ML development kit
Community Progress:

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LazyData - "Git for Datasets"

Problem: Code & data kept out of sync
Solution: On-demand sync of code & data
Community Progress:

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Deep Learning is Eating Software

Atlas ML was founded under the belief that deep learning will fundamentally change the nature of software.

Today we are rethinking and redesigning the entire software stack to make this possible.



Robert was one of the early core developers at Wikipedia, and scaled the community to billions of users. He was also CTO at two deep tech companies GeneAdvisor and FactMata where he led teams building machine learning software.

He holds a PhD from Cambridge.